The Renovation Wishlist

It’s a fact - when the economic and political landscape are uncertain as they are indeed now in the UK following Brexit and the ensuing Parliamentary jockeying for position, the housing market slows. People don’t want to take risk and the option of improving rather than moving seems more attractive. Another interesting statistic from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) states that with demand for housing continuing to grow at a very fast pace and building land becoming increasingly expensive, Britain is delivering the smallest new homes in Europe. Both of these facts mean the homeowner is looking to improve rather than move, and the result of this way of thinking is seeing a surge in garden extensions, garages, lofts, and even cellar conversions becoming a very feasible option. As a result, home improvement products such as roof windows, skylights and roof lanterns are coming out top of the “renovation wish list”. .

Rooflights in the Home

As any visitor to FIT would have seen, rooflights are growing apace as they fulfil a role that dovetails perfectly with homeowners’ deciding to stay put and improve. They are perfect for refurbishment projects like bringing daylight into an otherwise dingy cellar, or natural light into attic conversions. But they’re also perfect for new build extensions like walk-on rooflights and internal/external walk-on skylights leading to the creation of a high-quality, desirable environment in an otherwise neglected part of the house. Rooflights also form an integral part to any solid roof extension, e.g. the creation of a garden room or orangery. The desire for more space and natural light from large glazed areas will drive sales of aluminium, with its strength and durability, as a building product..

Rooflights from Alumen

Through our knowledge of all the benefits aluminium has as a building product, along with our experience in fabrication Alumen have designed a range of rooflights and lanterns to rival most on the market. Designed specifically for better aesthetics, smoother operation and representing value for money, the range is available in a choice of off-the-shelf fixed, manual and electric opening, square and pyramid options. They key has been to engineer-in quality and engineer-out cost and with operationally lean principles at our heart, we have eliminated unnecessary processes and cut down production times, stock holding and overheads, resulting in cost savings that are passed on to our customers, whilst maintaining the absolute integrity of the product.

With all the benefits of aluminium, and our expertise in aluminium fabrication, these rooflights provide our customers with an easy sell, with quick margins option for home improvement companies.

The success of our rooflights, alongside Alumen’s heritage and experience has further lead to the development of our own brand of bi-fold door launching in the Autumn. Our innovation and experience has allowed us to take the best of the leading bi-folds, engineer out the worst and create what we would consider the perfect bi-fold door.

Even with the current uncertainties, we firmly believe that the overriding benefits of aluminium, coupled with the introduction of progressive new products on offer such as rooflights, will ensure the consumer desire for aluminium will only increase further. And installers can certainly benefit from this in terms of sales opportunities if they keep ahead of the trend. By incorporating innovative new solutions which will appeal to the homeowner, and partnering with suppliers who have proven expertise in this area, you too can advance your business with aluminium.

If you are interested in becoming a trade partner with Alumen, please contact Alan Robinson on 01536 737377. To see the full range of products we offer you can also visit our website