Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Aluminium Windows and Doors

This guide provides some useful tips for cleaning aluminium windows and doors, including the associated gaskets, glass and hardware.

General Cleaning Tips

Aluminium Powder Coated Surfaces

In general aluminium can be cleaned using warm soapy water with a non abrasive cloth.

If the aluminium has become stained or lost its gloss, then an approved renovating cream can be applied.

T-Cut or similar car polishes can be used providing they are not too abrasive. Best to test a small area first if you are unsure.

When cleaning only a light application is necessary to prevent dirt accumulating.

Plaster, mortar and anything similar is removed best with a wooden or plastic spatula.

Do NOT use any of the following for cleaning purposes

Sharp edged tools e.g. steel wool, knives, metal scrapers, the scouring side of household sponges etc, these tools will damage surfaces.

Aggressive cleaning fluids or solvents would also cause irreversible damage to the frame, try to avoid products like; cellulose thinners, nail polish remover etc.

Gaskets and Sealants

Gaskets can be lubricated using a grease stick or Vaseline.

Hardware and Ironmongery

All hardware (friction stays, handles, locking espags, rollers, hinges etc) should be lubricated at regular intervals (1-2 time a year) to improve the life span of the product.

Remove excess lubricant after use.

For bifold and sliding doors, carefully vacuum any debris, dust or dirt from the bottom track of which the door slides on. Clear out any drainage holes ensuring that they are not blocked. Be careful not to scratch or dent the frame when using the vacuum.


Glass can be cleaned with any general purpose glass cleaner.

Be careful to use a cloth or tissue that does not contain grit, as this will lead to scratches.