SMART Slide 2000 - Installation Instructions

The SMART Slide 2000 sliding door is a wrap around patio door that is installed in a similar manner to other sliding doors. The instructions below cover both generic and specific instructions for the installation of SMART Slide 2000 doors.

Before you start

As with any replacement or new build you must check the sizes of the new patio door before removal of old door .check the opening is clean and dust free.

Fitting of the cill

  • Ensure that the cill is the right length, and that the end caps have been fitted.
  • If you have to cut the cill down, remove the end cap, then completely seal the end with clear silcone before refitting the end cap (see drawing)
  • Ensure the cill is sitting level. if it isn’t use glazing packers at a max distance of 250mm apart to level it off
  • Remove cill then replace on a bed of silicone.
  • When fixing the cill down use minimum of 5 screws. They should be fully coated with silcone so they self-seal.
  • Seal underneath cill, both internally and externally

Fitting of frame

  • A bead of silicone should be on the upstand of the cill before placement of frame (see drawing)
  • Drill 8mm holes through the centre trims 1 skin only, minimum of 4 on the sides and a minimum of 5 top and bottom (based on a standard size 2150mm x2500mm). These holes are where the fixing screws will be located
  • Make sure that the frame is pushed against the bead of silicone
  • Check that the frame is vertical both front and back on the internal side
  • Use packers where needed to stop frame bowing when using fixing screws
  • Fix sides first then the bottom. When putting fixing screws in the bottom always coat the whole length of the screw with silicone.
  • Don’t pack or fix the top yet as it could give some extra play when inserting sliding door panels.
  • Insert door panels in the middle of door frame top in first pushing it up into the head of the frame then lowering it onto the bottom track.
  • Check that the top is level using packers where the fixing screws will be
  • Clean inside of frame and remove any protective tape.
  • Seal all the outside of frame with silicone including where frame meets the cill.
  • Seal inside with appropriate sealant
  • Ensure that it is working properly.
  • Give customer a demonstration of how to use the patio doors.
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