SMART vs Schuco Bifold Doors - Comparison of the two leading bifolding doors

More and more people are opting to have bifolding doors installed within their property. This can be for a variety of reasons, including opening up the rear of the property to let in more light, or simply to give their home that “edge”.

So, you have decided you want bifolding doors in your home, have been to a showroom and spoken with a salesperson. Here comes the next dilemma: SMART or Schuco bifold doors? Which option do you choose? Here are a few things to consider for each brand.

SMART Visofold 1000

SMART SYSTEMS are one of the leading aluminium systems within the United Kingdom, earning a reputation for product innovation, design expertise and quality products. The SMART Visofold 1000 bifolding door has a slim sightline of 132mm, and offer a choice of either square or ovolo sash profile, thus giving the consumer the option of a more contemporary or traditional appearance. There is also a choice of threshold options available, including an ultra low threshold.

The maximum sash width for the SMART Visofold 1000 bifolding doors is 1000mm and the maximum sash height is 2600mm, making this an extremely versatile product suitable to most applications.

SMART Visofold 1000 Bifold Door Sash Profile DV26
SMART Visofold 1000 Bifold Door Sash Profile DV26

Schuco ASS70 FD

Schuco (or Schueco) are a prime example of German engineering at its best. Founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 1951, the Schuco ASS70FD bifolding door offer exceptional strength and security, whilst retaining a slimline frame. With generous sash widths of up to 1200mm, and maximum sash heights of 3000mm, combined with a slim sightline of 120mm, this product provides a stunning slimline bifolding door suitable to the most extreme requirements. As with the SMART Visofold 1000 bifold door, the Schuco ASS70FD offers a choice of threshold options, including a flush threshold, which allows for a seamless transition between the house and garden.

Schuco Bifold Door Sash Profile

Size Limitations of SMART and Schuco Bifold Doors

The table below summaries the different size limitations of SMART and Schuco Bifold Doors

Model Maximum Sash Width Maximum Sash Height
SMART Visofold 1000 1000mm 2600mm
Schuco ASS 70FD 1200mm 3000mm

U Values of of SMART and Schuco Bifold Doors

An important consideration in any new door is the heat loss or U value through the door. Both doors offer similar levels of performance using standard double glazed units of 28mm thickness, however where the Schuco ASS70FD has the advantage is that it can take double glazed units of upto 44mm thick. This means that a higher performing unit can be fitted in the door bringing the overall U values down. The following table illustrates this point:

Model U Value (Ug=1.2) U Value (Ug=1.0) Best U Value
SMART Visofold 1000 1.7 W/m^K 1.5 W/m^K 1.4 W/m^K (Ug=0.9*)
Schuco ASS 70FD 1.7 W/m^K 1.5 W/m^K 1.3 W/m^K (Ug=0.5*)


  • Ug value of 0.9 obtained with 28mm triple glazed units using Saint Gobain Planitherm One II
  • Ug value of 0.5 obtained with 44mm triple glazed units using Saint Gobain Planitherm One II

Similarities of SMART and Schuco Bifolding Doors

There are a number of similarities between the doors. Both the SMART Visofold 1000 and Schuco ASS70FD doors are bottom hung, which is where the weight of the bifolds is carried on the rollers at the bottom of the door. This reduces the requirements for structural alterations. Both brands of bifolding doors can be installed with or without a cill, giving the consumer more choice over how their finished product can look. They both have similar choice of threshold options that are intended for different applications - more information can be found on the individual products pages for each of these doors. There is also a wide range of colours available, in a choice of finishes. Most standard RAL colours are available in a matt or gloss finish, and a number of special finishes are available such as the popular stipple effects.


One of most important consideration when purchasing a door is the aesthetics. This is purely in the eye of the beholder, so it is always important to go to a showroom and compare the different bifold doors before purchasing. However beyond the aesthetics there are a number of other factors that differentiate the Schuco and SMART bifolding door. Size limitations and U values are two of these factors, and depending upon your requirements may or may not be the deciding factor.

Schuco Bifold Doors

Schuco Bifold Doors

SMART Bifold Doors

SMART Bifold Doors