Aluminium Conservatories, Glass Rooms and Winter Gardens

Aluminium Conservatories, Glass Rooms and Winter Gardens

An aluminium conservatory is a great way to extend your home and add the extra space you desire. Unlike their upvc and hardwood counterparts, aluminium conservatories offer both traditional and contemporary styles, but in a unique and uncompromising way. The main benefits of aluminium are:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics

Aluminium is an inherently strong material allowing greater spans of roof and slimmer sightlines in windows and doors. This strength provides greater design flexibility resulting in unique and beautiful designs that cannot be achieved with other materials. Powder coated aluminium has an excellent life span and will still look good for years to come.

Conservatory Design

Aluminium offers both traditional and contemporary designs. However it is the modern contemporary conservatories that have seen the highest growth over the last few years. Apart from the standard lean-to, gable and Victorian designs, reverse-lean-to have become popular as wells as orangeries, high pitched lean to roofs and winter gardens.

We are one of only a handful of fabricators that manufacture the Schuco CMC50 Roof System. This is a highly versatile roofing system that provides leading class performance as well as the modern aesthetics you would expect from the Schuco brand.

Reverse Lean To Aluminium Conservatory

Reverse lean to provide an increased sense of space, as the higher side is towards the garden as you look out.

Aluminium High Pitched Lean To Conservatory

High pitched roofs, or double height modern conservatories provide a dramatic visual effect.

Winter Garden showing frameless glass doors

Winter gardens or glass rooms are becoming popular for people who want useable space throughout the year. Although these do not have the insulation specification of a conservatory they are a great way to create a space to enjoy your garden whilst protecting you from the elements.

Design and Build Process

There are 3 main stages to designing and building your conservatory.


Initially we will work with you to understand your needs and requirements. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, and can be done either with or without the need for a site visit. Obviously an important factor is price, and it is important to be realistic over your budget. Initial estimates can be given from sketches or drawings, as it is beneficial to explore different options before committing to a design.


The design stage involves detailing your requirements into a workable solution. A key element of this is carrying out a preliminary structural check to determine how the conservatory will work under different loading. Sometimes a steel portal is required, requiring more detailed structural calculations. Aesthetically, the design will be worked up to produce full CAD drawings and 3D model if required. A full specification will be written up, and the overall design agreed by all parties before it moves into the build phase.


Alumen can offer all aspects of the build from basework, building work, steel portal design and erection, aluminium framework and glass installation, electrics and plumbing. Some customers may already have a builder on board as the conservatory can form part of a larger project, and we are happy to work alongside your builder to install just the aluminium elements of the conservatory.

Conservatory Options

Apart from the overall design, there are many options to consider when designing your conservatory. Listed below are just a few items to think about:

  • Colours – Powder coated aluminium can come in virtually any colour. Our guide to colour options can be found here.
  • Door types – One of the main features of the conservatory is often the doors leading into the garden. Sliding doors, or bifolding doors are popular choices, but there are many variations of these. Please refer to our guide on bifolding and slding doors here.
  • Rooflights – Ventilation to the roof can be provided by rooflights. Both manual or electronic openers are available, or alternatively high level openers can be inserted in the side frames.
  • Glass – The performance of the glass will dictate how hot or cold the conservatory will become at different times of the year. Different combinations of glass can be used to retain as much heat as possible in the winter whilst reflecting as much sun / solar gain in the summer. Please refer to our guide for more information on high performance glazing.
  • Lighting – Lights can be wall or ceiling mounted as in most conservatories. However we also have the ability to install lights into the rafters of the roof to provide a more distributed lighting scheme
  • Privacy or solar shading can be provided by the use of integral blinds or external blinds. Integral blinds can be either manual or electronic.More information on integral blinds can be found here.
  • Heating is an important consideration and can be provided by either underfloor or wall mounted heaters. These types of items will have an impact on the construction of the base and the floor levels, and so need to be considered at the outset.

Our Services and Capabilities

Alumen offers a complete turnkey service for the design and build of aluminium conservatories. If you would like to find out more then please contact us to find out how we can help you.