Bifolding and Sliding Doors

Aluminium Bifolding and Sliding Doors

Bifolding or sliding doors are a great feature of any house. Providing unparalleled view of your garden, easy access, contemporary styling, and that all important wow factor, it is essential to consider all the options before committing to your purchase. This article provides an overview of the different types of folding or sliding doors we have to offer, hopefully assisting you in that all important decision.

Aluminium is the ideal choice for bifold or sliding doors. Apart from being it being possible to be powder coated in virtually any colour, the material properties of aluminium provide distinct advantages over timber or upvc. Aluminium's strength enables doors with slim sightlines and contemporary aesthetics to be produced. The durability of aluminium means years of operation, working just as well in hot sunny days as in cold winter days.

A more difficult choice is whether to choose bifolding doors or sliding patio doors. Both offer great features, and that all important wow factor, and ultimately the choice will be down to whatever suits your house the best. To further complicate matters there are many different makes and models on the market, and many different fabricators and installers.

We offer both the Schuco and SMART range of bifold and sliding doors. We think that these provide the best and widest choice of products available over a variety of price points and functions.

Sliding Doors

In terms of sliding doors we fabricate 3 main models (more types are available, but we find these 3 cover virtually all requirements and variations). Some of these are straight sliding doors, whilst some provide a lift and slide variation as well.

SMART Slide 2000

SMART Slide 2000 with slim meeting style

The SMART Slide 2000 inline sliding door is suitable for aperture heights upto 2150mm high. These doors have a very slim meeting style of only 35mm maximising the amount of glass in the door. These door are capable of widths upto 7000mm wide. More info on the SMART Slide 2000 can be found by following this link.


SMART Visoglide Plus

For taller doors the SMART Visoglide Plus offers incredible versatility. Available in virtually any configuration, these doors can go upto 3m high. Although the meeting style of 82mm is more than the SMART Slide 2000, it provides the strength needed to withstand the increased wind loading taller doors require. These doors are available in both slide and lift and slide options. More information on the SMART Visoglide Plus can be found here.


Schuco ASS70HI

Schuco ASS70HI Sliding Doors with lift and slide handles

The Schuco ASS70HI is an extreme door suitable for a wide range of applications. Again doors upto 3m high doors can be made, but with glass units of upto 52mm thick these doors can achieve U values as low as 1.0W/m^2 K. Ideally suitable for wide spans, these door have a standard meeting style of 108mm.

Schuco Logo

COR Vision Plus

Alumen Range of Aluminium Sliding Doors

The COR Vision Plus is the ultimate in minimalistic styling and size capacity. It features an ultra thin 25mm meeting style, and the ability to conceal the sashes within the frame so that the visible area of glass is maximised. Sizes can go upto 4m x 4m per sash, and upto 400Kg (manual) or 700Kg (motorised). Glass thickness upto 54mm can be accommodated providing overall U values as low as 0.9 W/m^2K. All at a price that is not as expensive as you might think!

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Bifold Doors

We offer three types of bifolding doors:

SMART Visofold 1000

The SMART Visofold 1000 provides modern aesthetics with square or ovolo profiles, and has options of either a standard or low threshold. These doors can achieve sash sizes of 1000mm wide by 2400mm tall, and have a meeting style of 132mm. More information on the SMART Visofold 1000 can be found here.


Schuco ASS70FD

The Schuco ASS70FD also offers contemporary styling, and can achieve sash sizes of 1200mm wide by 3000mm tall. The meeting style is 120mm which is one of the slimmest on the market, and also offers low and standard threshold options. More infomation on the Schuco ASS70FD can be found here.

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Alumen Bifold Door

Our unique range of Bifold doors with slim 120mm sightline, optional adjustable jambs and choice of thresholds. The Alumen Bifold Door offers premium quality doors at a very competitive price, backed up with the service and support only Alumen can offer.

Alumen logo

Next Steps

As you can see once, you have chosen an aluminium bifold or sliding door there are still plenty of choices to be made. It is often prudent to pay a visit to our showroom to see the different options available before making a final decision. Here you can also look at all the different options such as integral blinds, handles types and colours, threshold optons etc.

Once you have made your decision we can take care of the rest for you. We offer a full survey and installation service, or if preferred are also happy to work on a supply only basis. With a 10 year insurance backed guarantee we can also offer you peace of mind, and along with our sister company GRP Designs, we have a considerable proven track record dating back to 1988.