Panoramic Plus Sliding Door

Stunning set of sliding doors with incredibly thin sightlines that is not as expensive as you might think!

A minimalistic sliding system which is specially suitable for large dimensions, allowing maximum luminosity with the minimum visible section of aluminium, and makes it possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%.

It's extraordinary glazing capacity allows for glass of up to 54mm in thickness which guarantees the best acoustic and thermal performance possible in a system with these characteristics.

It is available in configurations of fixed and sash (2 and 4 sashes) with the maximum dimensions being 4000 mm per sash width or height.

It has a visible section of just 25mm and the possibility to inlay totally the bottom, lateral and top frames.

It comes with the possibility of motorised opening for weights up to 700kg and manual opening for weights of up to 400kg. Additionally, it allows for the placing of multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key.

The rollers are placed in the frame and the sashes come with a stainless steel reinforced channel which makes the sliding movement smoother.

This is a system with a traditional procedure of assembling with a perimeter frame, 45 degree cut and straight cut in the sashes, which allows for the disassembly of the sash in case of breaking of the glass or an imperfection in the aluminium profile.

The 57mm frame depth ensures that this system is suitable to most domestic and commercial situations.

2 Track Cross Section

2 Track Cross Section Details ALU Vision

2 Track Threshold

2 Track Image

Integrated Drainage Tray (Optional)

Cor Vision Integrated Drainage Tray


The following profiles are the main profiles that we use as standard. More profile options are available and can be found in the Technical Manual.


57mm depth (Standard).

100mm depth with optional integrated drainage tray.

180mm frame width for 2 track patios.

278mm frame width for 3 track patios.

Optional drainage tray adds another 73mm to the track width.


Concealed Sash on automated doors (NB Locking styles are visible on manual doors).


Squareline bead for glazing upto 54mm.