Schuco ASS77PD Electronic Aluminium Sliding Doors

Schuco ASS77PD Electronic Aluminium Sliding Doors

With the award winning Schuco ASS77PD large sliding systems can be created with maximum transparency and light penetration. Neither profiles nor handles disrupt the large glass panorama as the electronic automated sliding mechanism is integrated into the perimeter profile.

  • Fully automated, controlled by fingerprint, radio remote control or ipad
  • Concealed profile integrated drive and locking system
  • Handle free design
  • Extremely large vents sizes upto 500kg, or 3.2m wide by 3.5m high
  • Floor to ceiling glazing, with 30mm meeting style and concealed outer frame
  • Can accomodate glass units upto 60mm thick
  • Overall U value of less than 1.0 W per metre squared Kelvin achievable

2 Track Outer Frame with Concealed Vent

Schuco ASS77PD Cross Section

3 Track Patio Threshold

3 Track Threshold

Typical Meeting Style

Meeting Style


The following profiles are the main profiles that we use as standard.


47mm depth on both 2 track and 3 track doors.

160mm frame width for 2 track patios.

250mm frame width for 3 track patios.


Choice of 190mm or 225mm.


Squareline sash with 108mm width meeting style.


Squareline bead for 28mm units used as standard.