Schuco Conservatory Roofs - Schuco CMC50

Schuco Aluminium Conservatory Roof Cross Section

For an impressive glazed roof structure the Schuco CMC50 aluminium and glass conservatory and terrace roof systems are the ideal solution. With their deep rafters, concealed downpipes, and timeless design they can be used with almost any building type.

  • Range of rafter sizes - upto 125mm
  • Reinforced rafters available capable of spanning 5m
  • Reinforced eaves / gutter section available capable of spanning 4m
  • Variety of glazing thicknesses
  • Concealed drainage / downpipes
  • Thermally broken
  • Glass thickness from 20mm to 46mm

Eaves Beam Cross Section

CMC50 Eaves Beam

Eaves Beam

The Eaves Beam has the option of being reinforced with a 100x50x10mm L section steel in conjunction with an 80x10mm steel. This enables the Eaves beam to span a distance of 4m in a simply supported configuration (depending upon depth of conservatory and glazing specification).

As standard we opt for the square gutter section.

Reinforced / Non Reinforced Rafter Sections

Schuco Rafters


Various rafter sizes are available. As standard we specify the 125mm box section, although 105mm and 65mm box section rafters may also be used depending upon structural considerations. We consider the deep 125mm rafters to provide a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing look, as well as being structurally the strongest.

Reinforced rafters are available that provide a conservatory depth of over 5m before additional supports are required.

The rafters are constructed in 3 parts:

1) Top Cap and Pressure Plate are pre-gasketed enabling easy installation on site.

2) Internal isolator and glazing gaskets are formed from one module, combined with the tried and tested Schuco overlapping drainage principle provide a robust design, ensuring high levels of watertightness.

3) Bottom part comprises the aluminium box section rafter which is available in a variety of depths, and can be reinforced for extra strength.

Concealed Downpipe

Concealed Downpipe


The concealed downpipes are encased in their own powder coated covering - eliminating unsightly offset bends or downpipe connectors.

Corner Posts and Structural Mullions

Concealed Downpipe

Corner Posts and Structural Mullions

A full range of corner posts and structural mullions are available. These can be reinforced and suitable for modest loading, eliminating the need for a portal frame in many situations.